Dean Gould

Beermat Flipping, Coin Snatching, Pancake Flipping, Soccer Ball Catching, Memory,


Record for Dean Gould are displayed below:

Record NameRecord Description
Beermat Flipping Blindfolded

Beermat Flipping Blindfolded. One pile of 71 mats flipped blindfolded 180 degrees with one hand only and held cleanly after caught. Date: March 5th, 2009. Venue: Felixstowe, UK.

Coin Snatching

Coin Snatching. Most coins balanced on elbow and caught palm down and held for 5 secs. 100 UK ten pence pieces. This record is for the most balanced and caught which is regarded as 100% catch as all coins have to be caught otherwise it is a failed attempt. Other countries coins of same size are allowed to be used.

Date: August 4th, 1997, Venue: Cork Hotel, Felixstowe, UK.

Pancake Flipping

The most times a Pancake was flipped 180 degrees in the same pan from using one pancake is 161 times in 1 minute. Date, July 4th, 2015. Venue: Felixstowe TV, UK.

Soccer Ball Catching

Soccer Ball: Catching: Back of Hand: Distance: 78 feet 9 inches. Dean Gould.Brackenbury Sports Center Felixstowe, UK on December 11th 2000. Ball kicked by Dave Robinson.

Writing Einsteins Equation on Relativity from Memory

The quickest time Einsteins Equation on Relativity was written from memory was 65 minutes, 3 secs. The Equation contained almost 1,000 symbols, letters and numbers. Date: June 4th, 2016. Venue: Brackenbury Sports Centre, Felixstowe, UK.