Brian Jackson



Record for Brian Jackson are displayed below:

Record NameRecord Description
Balloon Blowing

Balloon Blowing: 1 min: 8 inch balloons: 10. Brian Jackson (The I Believe Guy).

Balloon Blowing

Balloon Blowing: Qualatex 260: blown at 1 time: 9. Brian Jackson

Balloon Blowing

Balloon Blowing: 400 ft. of 1 inch fire hose: 53.2 seconds. Brian Jackson. Balloon used was a 13 cm balloon.

Golf Ball Spitting

Golf Ball Spitting: Distance: 18 feet 6 3/4 inches. Brian Jackson. Ball expelled from mouth. BOAR

T-shirt folding

Folding T-Shirts: Most People at 1 Time: 315. Brian Jackson, Coordinator. On June 19th 2012, 315 yours from the Elevate Youth Converence in Muskogee, Oklahoma, gathered together to fold T-Shirts simultaneously.