John Evans

Head Balancing Records


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Head Balancing
On the 23rd July 2000, John Evans head balanced

96 people 576 meters for a total weight was 5180 kgs (over 5 tons)

raising money for Lowestoft head injury hospital.

Head Balancing

John Evans one of the world strongest men head balanced the below for his amazing world records, all hands free.

101 house bricks

4 metres tall of scaffolding tower

96 Milk crates

Walked at least 10 feet with the above and balanced for at least 10 secs

Head Balancing While Walking
John Evans Worlds Number one Head Balancer walked 88 feet with a weight of 65kg on his head and hands free at Kennelgate Pet Food Superstore, Alveston, Derby, UK, on 9th September, 2017.