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Stamina Records

Paddy Doyle achieved his first official documented World Record of 4,100 press ups carrying 50 lb steel plate in 4 and half hours on 28 May 1987. Venue - Calthorpe Club Birmingham City Centre UK. Officiated by West Midlands Police Force UK and British Amateur Weightlifting Association.       



Paddy Doyle achieved a new World Record of 1,840 Burpees "circuit gym exercises" in 1 hour on 6 Feb 1994. Venue - Public House Polesworth Village Warwickshire UK. Officiated by West Midlands Police Force UK and British Amateur Lifting Association.      



Paddy Doyle achieved the following physical fitness challenges in the overall fastest time: 1, 750 metres swimming , 20 km running , 20 mile cycling , 2000 star jumps , 2000 sit ups , weightlifting lifted 141,150 kg various lifts, 1,400 machine hip flexor lifts "5 kg ankle weights on each leg" , 2,326 metres carrying 40 lb back pack , 10,000 metres rowing, 3 km stepper , 500 alternative squat thrusts. In an overall time of 13 hrs 59 min 55 sec. 6 & 7 Nov 2004. World Record Games Starnberg Germany. Officiated by German appointed officials.    


Paddy Doyle set various new UK cross country mountain bike records carrying a back pack {low technical Terrain}. 15 km = 48 min 00 sec carrying 30 lb back pack along the Coventry Way & Kenilworth foot paths Warwickshire UK set on 30 October 2015. 5 mile = 48 min 14 sec carrying 40 lb pack along the Wroxhall Abbey & Warwickshire foot paths UK. 25 km = 1 hr 38 min 03 sec carrying 40 lb back pack along Heart of England Way foot path Warwickshire UK set on 26 October 2015. World Record Rider was monitored throughout by appointed riders, filmed & photographed and back pack weighed and checked.



Paddy Doyle achieved a milestone career of 550 documented strength speed stamina records & physical fitness challenges from 28 May 1987  to 12 Feb 2017 under eight different sporting disciplines. Categories - Road walking carrying hand held weights and back packs , Road running speed marches from 1 mile to 50 miles carrying various weighted back packs, Amateur Inter Club boxing tournaments fight records, WUMA martial arts kumite title records, Gym strength fitness challenges {maxi climber, treadmill, weights step ups} , Mountain Biking {non technical terrain} carrying various weighted back packs, Hill mountain speed marches { National 3 Peaks Challenge, Mount Snowden North Wales, Lakes District}, Cross Country speed marches carrying 20 lb, 30 lb, 40lb, 50 lb, 60 lb, 70 lb, 80 lb, 90 lb, 100 lb back packs. Finale of 550th career title record was on 12 Feb 2017 at the Royal British Legion Club Berkswell Village UK.