Fred Burton

Strength Records


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Record NameRecord Description
Pulling Two Cars with Teeth

Fred Burton, One of the worlds strongest Men pulled two cars weighing 2 tons with his teeth (Not using arlms or shoulders) 27 feet. This amazing feat was achieved at Lexis Show Room, Britannia Lakes, Staffordshire, UK on 7th Feb, 2018.

Reverse Plank with Weight on Back

Reverse Plank with 100lb weight on back. Time: 2 minutes 7 secs.


Performed in a arch with weight in back pack facing floor with only support with feet and hands.


Date: 12th March, 2018.

Strength Records

Fred Burton caught a 57.2lb weight thrown 10ft from Peter Johnson at Cheadle, UK.

The heaviest weighted dip was achieved by Fred Burton from Cheadle, UK. with a weight Chest of 112lbs.

The most house bricks lifted off a table and held in the palm of one hand for 5 secs was 15, and each brick weighing 4.5lb. This massive feat was achieved by Fred Burton from Cheadle, UK.

Weight Lifted with Back of Head

Hands and feet 14 inches off the ground, then 56lb weight on the back and 106lb weight lifted off bench with back of head and held for 42 secs.

Fred is one of the worlds top strongman.